What is it?

Dental hygienists provide preventative oral care under a dentist's supervision. They clean patients' teeth and examine their mouths for signs of damage, gingivitis, and other diseases. Hygienists teach patients how to maintain good oral health.

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by City Headshots Dublin

Ailbhé Brennan


Ailbhe Brennan has been a hygienist for over 13 years, she qualified with honours from UCC in 2OO6. She is passionate in her role and provides expert care to her patients. Ailbhe creates individual treatment plans for each patient, as every patient is unique and has different needs. She is gentle and has the ability to put most patients at ease. Her role as hygienist is to treat patients with gum and periodontal disease and to help them to manage their oral health themselves through education and demonstration. With her dedication and skill she will have you at your dental best in no time.


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