What is it?

The Belfield Clinic maintains a wealth of up to date x-ray technology and has a referral list offering the following radiographic imagery:

We offer Cone beam computerised tomography (CBCT), Orthopantomagram and Lateral Cephalometric radiographs

OUR Radiology Service

Doctor Examining Spine and Head X Ray Scan Images on His Laptop Computer. Medical Application for X-Ray Display and Examination. Radiology Theme.

The Belfield clinic has state-of-the-art radiographic equipment on site allowing comprehensive radiographic assessment for patients and practioners.

We are please to offer the following radiographic services:

  • Intra-oral radiography
  • Orthopantomagram
  • Lateral cephalometric radiographs
  • Cone-beam computerised tomography (CBCT) (3D scan)

Please note any patients attending for radiographic assessment who are not pre-existing patients of the clinic will require a referral from their dentist.


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